Saturday, September 12, 2009

Talisker 25yr

Howdy, my few followers. I just returned from an East Coast excursion involving plenty of Single Malt Scotch. I have many photos and notes I need to regurgitate to the Internet so I'll start with a dram of Talisker 25yr (OB Diageo) I had at St. Andrew's Pub near Times Square in Manhattan.

First of all, praise be given to St. Andrew's. Your malt selection is excellent, your optional pour sizes are to be commended, your choice of glassware is more focused toward the whisky enthusiast than any other establishment I visited in your fair city, and your tartan decorations certainly get one in the mood for drinking Scotch whisky.

A: Difficult to tell with the bar's lighting. From what I could tell, it looked lighter than the younger Diageo Taliskers. It is possible caramel coloring was not added. Beautiful oily Talisker legs. Bottled at cask strength.

N: Unfortunately, a hint of dish soap, but this is a common theme at most bars. Surprisingly not very boozy for being ~55% ABV. Lots of oak influence. A modest amount of sherry. Also surprising, hardly any peat on the nose. With water, the sherry transforms into a sweet mixture of toffee and apples. Still intensely aromatic.

T: Neat, plenty of alcohol burn. Instantly pummeled with Talisker's familiar combination of salt, pepper, spice, and peat. More sherried than the younger Taliskers. Rich, oily, and an enjoyably long lasting finish.

And of course, what dram isn't more enjoyable with good company?

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